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Tax guides and articles

High-earner tax

Did you know that when you earn more than £150,000, you have to file a tax return? HMRC reviews your tax contributions to make sure you’re all up to date. Check out our high-earner tax return guides to get to know how it all works.

Investor and capital gains tax

You file investor and capital gains tax returns for any type of investment. Whether it’s selling a property, crypto, trading stocks and shares, dividends, etc., you may be liable to pay tax on your profits. Check out our guides to read more.

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Limited Companies

Want to know how to manage tax as a UK limited company? Check out the TaxScouts guides. From tax returns to filing periods to how HMRC classifies your company to IR35 and more. All quick, jargon-free reads to make understanding your company taxes seamless.


Parents, you have your own category of UK tax to get to grips with. From Inheritance Tax to foster care to the newly changed High Income Child Benefit Charge, we help you navigate what you owe while you navigate parent life!

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Self Assessment basics

First time doing your tax return? Take a look at our Self Assessment basics guides to help you through everything from registration to filing, and all that’s in between. Even if you’re a seasoned taxpayer and you just need some refreshers on what to do, we can help.

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Self-employed tax

Take a look at our guides on self-employed tax returns. We'll give you the basics of how to file and what’s required for different industries. We also explain the jargon, the taxes you’re liable to pay and more.

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Tax changes

HMRC makes tax changes all the time - and it can be difficult to keep up. Stay up to date with the rules and regulations here with these TaxScouts guides.

The tax basics

From accounting to tax rates to refunds, the tax basics guides are your ultimate helping hand for anything tax-FAQs related. We cover the different ways that you might be taxed on your Self Assessment. And more!

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