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We sort your Self Assessment for you. £169, all in.

How to find and share your TaxScouts referral code

  • 1 min read
  • Last updated 13 Jul 2022

The TaxScouts referral code is our way of saying thank you for using one of our services. We can file your Self Assessment tax return and we can also match you with one of our accredited accountants for a tax consultation service.

You get:

  • £25 paid straight to your bank account if you refer a friend who then uses one of our tax services

Your friend gets:

  • A 10% discount on the service of their choice

Here’s how you share your link :

Step 1

Log into your TaxScouts account, then click on the “Tell your friends, earn £25” button at the top right of the page.

Step 2

You can then copy the link to send to friends or post the link straight to your Facebook or Twitter. You can even email your link to anyone you think that could benefit from one of our services.

Anyone you refer can choose between doing a tax return or a tax consultation and be eligible to use the 10% off through your link.

Need more help?

If you need any help finding or sharing your referral code, please log in to your TaxScouts account and chat icon located on the bottom right side of your screen. Alternatively, you can also email [email protected].

We’re always on hand to help.

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