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Need a tax calculator?

From National Insurance rates to mileage deduction claims to Capital Gains Tax calculations and more, we’ve got your back. Never struggle through the sums on your phone calculator again. We’ll estimate your bill in seconds.

Tax Calculators

Top of the UK tax calculators

Try out the tax calculators that our users can’t get enough of.
These are the top 3 when it comes to tax calculations made super-simple.

Capital Gains Tax Calculator

Capital Gains Tax calculator

Quickly know how much Capital Gains Tax you owe on your profits from property, shares, crypto and more.

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National insurance number calculator

National Insurance calculator

Quickly calculate how much you owe in National Insurance if you’re earning money from employment or self-employment.

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Employed and self-employed tax calculator

Employed and self-employed tax calculator

Quickly calculate how much Income Tax and National Insurance you owe on your earnings if you’re both employed and self-employed.

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But don’t stop there

We’ve got a bunch more UK tax calculators and tools where those top 3 came from. Scroll through to see what we have to offer.

Salary after tax calculator

Quickly calculate your take home pay and know how much you pay in taxes.

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UK Income tax calculator

Quickly calculate how much tax you need to pay on your income.

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Pension Tax Relief calculator

Calculate how much tax relief your pension provider should get you. And see how much additional tax relief you can claim from HMRC.

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Child Benefit calculator

Quickly calculate how much Child Benefit you’re entitled to, how much you can receive, and if you need to pay any of it back as tax.

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Late tax return penalty calculator

Still haven’t submitted your Self Assessment tax return? Quickly calculate how much you can expect to pay in late penalties and interest.

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Rental income tax calculator

Landlord earning rental income from a tenant in your home or a buy-to-let property? Quickly calculate how much you can expect to pay in rental income tax.

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CIS Tax Rebate calculator

Construction worker? Quickly calculate how big your CIS tax rebate is and what expenses you can claim. Sometimes you can claim expenses even without receipts – use this calculator to see if you qualify.

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eBay tax calculator

Do you sell products or used items on eBay? Use this calculator to work out the Income Tax and National Insurance you owe, as well as your net profit.

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Stamp duty calculator

Buying a house? Calculate how much Stamp Duty you will need to set aside as a property tax to add to your total cost.

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Uber tax calculator

Want to know how much tax you need to pay? Get an instant tax bill estimate based on your driving data.

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Tax code checker

Quickly check what the letters in your tax code mean, and how they relate to your salary.

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Mileage tax calculator

Quickly calculate how much you can claim for using your vehicle for work. Cars, vans, motorcycles or bicycles.

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Dividend tax calculator

Quickly calculate the tax you need to pay on dividends you received from investments. And if you’re a company director, see the best way to pay yourself (dividends or salary).

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Crypto tax calculator

Quickly calculate the tax you pay on crypto mining, staking and trading – and the best way to save for the bill.

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Tax Calculator top tips

Top tax calculator tips and hacks

OK, so you’re equipped with every tax calculator you could need to get prepped this tax season, what next? Here are our top tips and tricks to help you make tax stress a thing of the past.
  • Some allowances need to be claimed manually
    Some tax-free allowances are applied automatically when you’re taxed at source (a.k.a PAYE) but others you need to apply for manually via HMRC or on your tax return. Examples are the marriage allowance and the maternity allowance. 
  • If you earn £100k+, you’re not entitled to tax-free income
    Almost everyone is entitled to a tax-free allowance called the Personal Allowance. It means the first £12,570 of your main income is Income Tax-free. But when you earn over £100,000, you start to lose your entitlement to it.
  • Capital Gains Tax is taxed at different rates
    Depending on the asset you sell, you’ll be taxed at different rates if you make a profit. The rates vary for property, shares and crypto. Read more about Capital Gains Tax rates
  • You can’t claim back mortgage interest on rental income
    Since 2020, landlords are no longer able to claim back mortgage interest on their rental income. Instead, you can claim a tax credit to offset your costs. Read more about mortgage interest changes.
  • You can claim either allowances or expenses, but not both
    Tax allowances and expenses are both used to improve your tax efficiency. Deducting your business expenses ensures that you only pay tax on your profits, but if you do this, be aware that you won’t be able to claim a tax-free allowance as well, whether this is the Trading Allowance, CGT allowance, and more.

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