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Stress-free tax returns £119, all in.

Self Assessment tax returns don’t need to be painful.

  • Simple, fast, all online
  • Sorted by an accredited accountant
  • Filed in as little as 48 hours


Self Assessment Tax Returns

How it works

Answer a few simple questions

And we mean a few. Once you’ve given us some background info, we’ll have everything we need to start preparing your tax return.

TaxScouts Self Assessment Tax Returns Step 1

Get paired with a tax return accountant

That’s right, you’ll be matched with a real, accredited accountant who can prepare your self assessment for you. Plus, they’re on hand to answer questions whenever you need them.

TaxScouts Self Assessment Tax Returns Step 2

We file your Self Assessment for you

Once you’ve signed off your tax return, your TaxScouts accountant will submit it to HMRC for you.

TaxScouts Self Assessment Tax Returns Step 3
TaxScouts how we can help

Who we can help

We can help everybody that needs to file a self assessment tax return.
  • First-time filers
  • Tax relief/refund claims
  • Self-employed
  • Freelancers & contractors
  • Investors (property, forex, crypto etc.)
  • Construction workers (CIS)
  • High earners (£100K+)
  • Landlords (inc. Airbnb hosts)
  • Expats
  • Couriers, riders or drivers
TaxScouts Tax Returns Fee

What’s the cost?

We charge a one-off, flat fee of £119 per tax return.
  • Fixed cost, no matter how complicated
  • No monthly fees
  • Price includes VAT
  • No additional charges or hidden costs
TaxScouts accredited accountants

What’s included?

Get professional help from an accredited tax accountant.
  • A UK-based accredited accountant works on your taxes
  • Professional help to claim eligible expenses and tax reliefs
  • Full calculation of your tax bill for you to review and approve
  • Your tax return filed to HMRC
  • Support from your accountant online, by phone or video call
  • We’ll file current or previous year self assessment tax returns
  • Switching over from your previous accountant

Still got questions?

Got more questions? Ask away! Get in touch with our UK-based support team either on [email protected] or via the live chat on our homepage. They’re happy to help.

There are two main things that set us apart. Firstly, for you, the users. We automate all the admin that accountants usually charge for. This saves them time and means we can pass on any cost savings to you. It also means that we can get your taxes sorted in as little as 48hrs, from signup to filing. If you’re ready to go, we’re ready to help.

For our accountant partners, our platform is built in a way that means you don’t compete with each other. You don’t bid on clients and never lose out on business to other accountants. The clients are yours, and when they return next year, they’re assigned automatically to you.

Yes – after you pay our £119 one-off fee, you’ll get an accountant assigned to you, and you can communicate with them freely through our platform, by email, or on the phone.

Of course, if you have any questions beforehand, our support team also is available to help you, free of charge. Here’s how the TaxScouts self assessment tax returns process works.

The documents we require depend on why you need to do a Self Assessment.

If your only reason to file one is because you’ve gone over the £100,000 earnings threshold, and your only source of income is employment (PAYE), then we only need a P60 (sometimes a P45 as well), and any P11D forms you might have received from your employer.

However, if you already have an HMRC Online Services account, we can simply connect to it and simply pull your information from there. And, in case you’re wondering, we’re authorised by HMRC to do this.

For any other reasons to do a Self Assessment, we have a longer list of documents here.


We don’t just take you halfway there – TaxScouts is a complete tax return service:

  • We calculate your tax bill
  • We help you find and claim eligible expenses and tax allowances
  • And we actually file your personal tax return. All you need to do is approve it.

After your personal, accredited accountant has filed your tax return, all you need to do is prepare to pay your bill or, if you’re due one, wait for your refund.

You can do this either directly on HMRC online or via your TaxScouts account, where we’ll redirect you to HMRC’s payment portal.

The UK tax year for personal tax returns goes from 6th April to 5th April. For example, the 2022/23 tax year starts on 6th April 2022, ends 5th April 2023 and you have to file and pay your tax bill by 31st January 2024.

If it’s your first time filing, you should make sure that you register for self assessment with HMRC (this basically means letting HMRC know that you’re earning untaxed income) by 5th October 2023.

Want to know more about the important dates to be aware of? We’ve got a guide on it. More tax dates can be found here.

Expenses are costs that you might be able to claim against your earnings so that you pay less tax.

What you can claim will depend on your situation, sources of income, and the tax-free allowances which you’re already claiming.

The two most common sources of income where it makes sense to claim expenses are for self-employment and rental income, but it is possible to claim certain expenses from other sources of income too. Read more about expenses.

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Let’s get your Self Assessment sorted today

Need a hand filing your tax return? We’ll do you one better. We’ll get an accredited accountant to submit your Self Assessment for you – all online, in as little as 48 hours, and all for a fair, flat fee of £119, all in.

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