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Taxes as they should be done

Every year, 200 million Europeans go through tax preparation hell. A needlessly complicated process that can scare the living daylights out of you (actual words from our customers).

We’re here to fix that.

Over £1.2B paid in late fines each year

That’s insane. And completely unnecessary. We’re here so that dread or confusion around Self Assessments doesn’t turn into extra cash for HMRC.

Enough was enough

We’re no strangers to the dread of tax returns.

We started TaxScouts after our own stress-induced experiences doing them. The whole experience was just awful. We couldn’t believe that paying someone so much money was so difficult. Tax apps were slick but fell short on providing actual help, and good accountants were expensive and still needed us to jump through hoops.

By combining the best of both worlds, we created a 100% online service with professional human help. Tech deals with the repetitive, admin-heavy tasks and really good accountants actually spend time helping people.

Make sense

Bureaucratic things just don’t make sense. Hoops, forms, codes – none of it needs to be as complicated as it is. And it shouldn’t be so pricey to get good tax advice. We look at every situation with fresh eyes, ask ourselves what makes sense and go from there.

Keep things simple

Doing your tax return should be as simple and as stress-free as ordering a takeaway. Everything we do revolves around simplification. When we come across something that feels confusing or complex we try to break it down.

Speak like humans

We love technology – it’s how we keep our fee low, but it’s not who we are though. Real accountants do each tax return, real people answer the phone if you need help. We know our stuff, but we treat you like you’re a friend, not a tax guru.

Backed by world-class investors

“A quick and reliable service”
My self assessment tax return completed within 2-3 days. I’ll definitely be using TaxScouts again and recommend to family and friends.
— Munim
“Excellent service 5 stars”
I dread having to do this every year.
With taxscouts I had my self assessment submitted within an hour.
Will definitely be using again next year.
Thank you 😊
— Julie
“A very prompt and efficient service!”
A very prompt and efficient service, and a great price!! Very good communication. I will definitely be using their services next year! Thank you!
— Stewart


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