Doing your taxes should be as simple and as stress-free as paying rent

But it’s not. It’s called a Self Assessment, but how is anyone meant to do it themselves?! It’s impossible to navigate, the jargon is a joke and the fear of making a costly mistake is real. And finding a trusted, affordable accountant can be just as hard. We’ve been there, we know what it’s like.

So we’ve made it easier and less stressful by partnering with trusted accountants to do it all for them online.

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The system of doing tax returns is broken. It takes clever, passionate people to fix it from the outside. We’ve got an entrepreneurial culture and we all love what we do.

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Our accountants

Sure, we could have built bots to help complete tax returns online. But then we wouldn’t have the reassurance and expertise of this lovely bunch. They’re all qualified, vetted and actually care about doing returns correctly and fast. We trust them with our reputation and 1,000s trust them with their taxes.

Business partners

We’ve partnered with challenger banks, flexible workforce platforms and employers.

Looking to build engagement with your workforce of employees or contractors? Wanting to add simpler tax returns to your product roadmap, we’d love to chat.