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Stress-free high earner tax

Worried about the complicated tax implications that come with earning £100k+? We’re here to help.

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TaxScouts for high-earners

You’ve got tax questions and we’ve got the answers!

Here are some common questions we’ve gotten from high-earners like you.

If you earned more than £100k from your job in the 2022/23 tax year or HMRC has contacted you to let you know you need to file, then yes, you’ll need to file a tax return. From the 2023/24 tax year, the threshold rises to £150k. 

As you approach a 6-figure salary, you should learn how Income Tax affects you and what happens to your Personal Allowance (spoiler alert: you start losing it).

Tax efficiency is when you lawfully pay the least in tax that you need to. Some ways to be tax-efficient include saving more in your pension, asking for non-cash bonuses, or investing in start-ups. Find more tax-efficient investments here.

You lose £1 of your Personal Allowance every £2 over £100k you earn. Sadly, this means you’ll be paying 60% tax but don’t panic. You can avoid losing your earnings by being more tax-efficient.

HMRC have announced a change for PAYE high earners. If you earn less than £150k from your PAYE salary, you will not have to file a tax return in the 2023/24 tax year.  Remember, if you have other forms of income or capital gains, you may still need to file.

Yep, you’ll still need to file a 2022/23 tax return if you earned £100k or more.

We’ve got you covered!

Whether you need help sorting and filing your tax return, need expert advice on your tax situation or need both, our accredited accountants do it all!
TaxScouts - Tax Returns service

Stress-free tax returns

Get your tax return sorted and filed by an accredited accountant. Claim all the allowances and benefits available to you. Just £149, all in.

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TaxScouts - Tax Advice service

Professional 1:1 tax advice

Get the tax advice you need from an expert accountant, no matter how complicated! £119, all in.

  • Advice on losing child benefit and personal allowance
  • Confidential, 1:1 consultation with an accredited accountant
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TaxScouts - Tax Accountant service

Bundle and save!

Bundle both services in one and save £39. Just £229, all in! Make the most of your income with the help of professionals.

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You can get the personal tax services we offer separately or bundle them and save £39. Here’s how they compare, and what you get with each:

Tax return
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Tax bundle
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Price (all in, fixed fee)
Matched with an accredited accountant
Matched with an accredited accountant
Self Assessment sorted & filed
Self Assessment sorted & filed
Support to save on your tax bill
Support to save on your tax bill
1-1 tax advice consultation by phone or video
1-1 tax advice consultation by phone or video
Written summary of your tax advice consultation
Written summary of your tax advice consultation
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TaxScouts for high-earners

Earn more tax-efficiently

There’s a lot to know about earning a higher salary. Get help understanding the allowances available to you, your tax return filed hassle-free, and support making sense of your tax situation.

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