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Tax code checker

Quickly check what the letters in your tax code mean, and how they relate to your salary.

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How your tax code is calculated

There are three main components that determine your tax code:

  • What you earn
  • Allowances you’re claiming
  • Your tax-free allowances

Need to talk it out with a professional?

You’re in the right place! Book a 30 minute, 1-1 tax consultation with one of our accredited accountants to help you be more tax-efficient and to understand your tax code better.

How to use our tax code checker

All you need to use our simple (but nifty) tax code checker is your employment salary and your tax code. Not sure where to find your tax code? Just take a look at either a recent payslip, P45/P60, PAYE coding notice or a pension advice slip. But make sure whatever you’re using is for the tax year you’ve inputted.

Why though?

Your tax code can change every year depending on your individual circumstances, so if you’re checking out whether your current salary and tax code match, but taking your tax code from a P45 from 2013, that info won’t be up to date. 

Based on your tax code, we can tell you the rate of Income Tax you’re being taxed on, whether you’re claiming any allowances, and whether you’re currently indebted to HMRC so paying back money. 

In the Results section, we’ll give you a brief breakdown of what the letters mean and whether we think, based on your salary alone, that you’re on the right tax code. Then in the Calculations section underneath, take a look for a slightly more in depth explanation of each letter. 

Our tax code checker can be used if you’re being taxed in England only. But be aware that there are loads of letter/number combinations, so please only take these results as an estimate. If something doesn’t add up, get in touch with HMRC or visit HMRC online to check out your tax account details.  

What is a tax code?

A tax code is a combination of letters and numbers that appear on your payslip. They are what HMRC use to tell your employer or pension provider how you’re being taxed and what allowances you’re entitled to. 

The letters relate to your salary or circumstances, the number indicates the amount of either tax-free income you’re entitled to, or how much you owe HMRC. 

Your tax code can change every year, so make sure you’re using up-to-date documents to gather information.

I think my tax code is wrong

Panic 😱

We’re joking. Do not panic. If you think your tax code is wrong, or you just want to know why you’re on the one you’re on, get in touch with HMRC. 

They send you a letter at the beginning of every tax year – or if ever they change your tax code – to let you know what you’re being taxed on, and why. So have a look for this letter or check HMRC online for more info.

My tax code isn’t recognised

Don’t worry, there are so many codes that you may need to get in touch with HMRC to confirm why you’re on the one you’re on. In the meantime, take a look at this visual guide that goes through all the tax code letters and their definitions.

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