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We sort your Self Assessment for you. £169, all in.

Busting TaxScouts myths: are the rumours true?

  • 5 min read
  • Last updated 8 Apr 2024

You might have heard a myth or two about TaxScouts. You might’ve even made your own assumptions. But now, it’s time to get down to the real matter at hand – the truth. 

First, we’ll introduce you to TaxScouts and then move on to squashing the untrue assumptions. Mythbusters, assemble!

First things first, what’s TaxScouts?

easy-to-use platform

Hey, you found us! TaxScouts is the name. Revolutionising tax is the game. We’re taking the cost, stress and inconvenience out of sorting your taxes and finances. 

With HMRC’s long wait times and jargon-filled information, it’s hard not to go looking for alternative help. And when you do stumble upon help, it’s expensive. It’s a tough world out there, but we’re here to make it easier. 

We can help with all sorts of tax problems. Here are some of our services:

What is TaxScouts’ secret?

We automate the process and cut out boring, long-winded admin that comes with taxes🍝

Admin takes up the majority of an accountant’s time. Our platform allows accountants to focus on the actual maths and saves them hours of work. Quick, efficient and always correct – the perfect combination!

We help our accountants help you, faster. And because of that, we get to charge what it should cost to do your taxes.  

And there you have it folks. No magic or even magic beans. Now, that you know the basics, it’s time to bust some myths!

tax advisor taxscouts cost

TaxScouts myth 1: TaxScouts won’t be able to deal with complex tax situations


We’re proud to let you know that this is indeed a myth. Our network of vetted UK accountants are experts. They have experience with a huge range of different tax situations, from simple personal tax returns to multiple streams of income to limited company returns and everything in between. 

You can also always get a 1:1 tax advice consultation on your situation, no matter what it is. 

And, if you need help with your limited company taxes, we can lend a hand there too! 

TaxScouts myth 2: You’ll get an inexperienced and/or overseas accountant


All of our accountants are accredited by at least one of the major UK accounting regulatory bodies. Our operations team vets them before they’re chosen to join our network and continues to check in and make sure their qualifications are up to standard.

Here are some things to know about our accountants:

  • 100% UK-based accountant network
  • At least 5 years minimum professional experience
  • Always vetted thoroughly before joining by our in-house team
  • This ain’t their first rodeo – most own their own private practice

Our accountants are not only experienced, but they’re all UK-based accountants who specialise in UK taxes. You get the best service there is when it comes to sorting your taxes.

TaxScouts myth 3: You’ll be randomly paired with a different accountant each time you use TaxScouts

Again, BUSTED!

Every time you use TaxScouts, you’ll be paired with the same accountant, because they’re yours. You can message them whenever you like via the online portal. When you’re ready to start another service, just log into your account and get in touch with them to get started🚀

The only time your accountant will change is if you request it or if the accountant is no longer working with TaxScouts. Otherwise, you can look forward to the same friendly face every year. Hooray!

TaxScouts myth 4: Because the service is quick, it’s probably wrong

This myth is… BUSTED! 

There’s a real reason the service is quick which is that we automate a lot of the traditional process for the accountants. We like to call it the TaxScouts ✨secret sauce✨. Although, it’s not much of a secret. 

As we mentioned earlier in the guide, admin takes up a lot of time, especially when filing a tax return. So that’s what our tech reduces. Combine that with real, human, accredited accountants who are experts in their field and you get a quick, friendly and efficient service. 

TaxScouts Myth 5: Filing with TaxScouts is the same as filing with HMRC?

taxscouts vs hmrc


The process differs quite a bit but according to our users on Trustpilot, it’s easy to see who the real winner is. Let’s get into some of the details.

How intuitive is the platform?Simple, straightforward, logicalNot very – it gets long-winded and confusing
How long does it take to file a personal tax return?As little as 48 hours from document uploadA while, depending on how fast and organised you are
Is there support along the way?Yep, your accredited accountantThe internet and an agent if you can get through over the phone
Jargon-free?Of course!Wishful thinking, but no.
Request UTRYep.Yep.
Cost£169 for tax returns
£139 for tax advice
Free bookkeeping! 
Customised price for LTD taxes
Free (if you don’t count the emotional stress)
Can you make an amendment (within a year of the Self Assessment deadline)?Yep, your accountant will sort it all for youYep, but you’ll have to do it yourself
Getting in touch with HMRCYour accountant will probably already know the answer but if need be they can contact them on your behalfYou’ll have to contact them yourself

Read more here.

Plus, you can hit the chat icon at any point as you work your way through the platform, and there will be a helping hand ready and waiting for you 🤝

So, is TaxScouts worth it?

We think so, yes! But, we also might be slightly biased 😂 

Instead, you can take the word of our users. We’re rated 4.8/5 on our Trustpilot. Check out the reviews! 

TaxScouts is quick, simple and 100% online. And, we‘ve got the best, most qualified accredited accountants sorting your taxes at an affordable price. Plus, you get an extra helping hand from our super support team. Email them at [email protected] or use the live chat on our website.

If you’re looking to switch accountants, here’s why TaxScouts is the one for you.

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