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Changing tax accountants: 5 reasons to switch to TaxScouts

  • 6 min read
  • Last updated 8 Apr 2024

Switching tax accountants may seem like a big deal, but switching to TaxScouts is worth it. 

These days, there’s a quicker, more simple way to do lots of things and tax is one of them. Not to mention, we’ve got expert accredited accountants who work to an impeccable standard. And the kicker? It’s affordable!

Reasons you need to switch tax accountants

Whatever your current situation, it’s more difficult than it needs to be 😉. You’re either doing it all yourself or paying an arm and a leg to an accountant who might not be giving you the support you need. We’re here to tell you, there’s another way – a more simple, more efficient way. 

But first, let’s get into all the ways your current situation may not be ideal for you. 

High monthly costs 

They’re high and often rolling. Some accountants even charge different rates depending on how much you earn.

We know they’re high because being affordable is at the forefront of our mission. On top of that, most accountants charge monthly fees and extras. While it’s off your plate, it’s eating at your bank account. With TaxScouts, it’s still off your plate, and your bank account is left full and happy. 

So, instead of paying hundreds of pounds on filing your tax return every year, you can pay £169, once a year. Or get one-off tax advice for £139 all in, from an expert. 

Old school… but not in the good way

Some old school things are cool, preserved exactly in the way it was so that they can be admired. The way you file a tax return is not one of those things. 

We’ve got state-of-the-art tech and accredited accountants with lots of experience and tech know-how. 

Intuitive is the word to describe our tech. The flow makes sense, it’s easy to understand and help is readily available from your accountant or the TaxScouts support team. 

And if you’re doing it yourself and using HMRC, it gets long, confusing and boring.

Communication issues

Accountants can be hard to reach. Sure you can call or email in to book an appointment, but it helps if you can ask all the questions you need answers to, whenever you need to. 

Sadly, it’s far too common for tax accountants to:

  • Charge for extra time
  • Use jargon you probably won’t understand
  • Work behind a screen of privacy

This usually means you won’t know what stage you’re at in the process until they get in touch with you. 

Luckily, it’s not like that at TaxScouts. Our sleek platform allows you to do everything online with a few clicks – even messaging your accountant. But more on that later. 

No support when dealing with the actual tax accountant

If you’re having troubles or issues with tax accountants, it can almost feel like you’re stuck. Stuck and pretty alone… but don’t worry, because that’s one desert island we can definitely help you off.

👩‍💻 At TaxScouts, we’ve got our lovely support team who are ready to help you with whatever issues you’re having. You can turn to them whenever you need and they’ll help solve any problems as quickly as possible.

How do you let go of your current tax accountant?

Now that you’ve decided you deserve better, the best in fact, it’s time to let your current accountant go. 

It’s easy to tell your accountant you don’t need their services anymore. Send them written confirmation as soon as you can detailing that you’ve decided not to use them any longer. See ya! 👋

It’ll be easier for you in the future to end things on a friendly note, so give them a call to talk things through (after you send the written termination) and make sure everything is smoothed out. 

Here’s the process in a nutshell:

  1. Let your previous accountant know you’re leaving
  2. Instruct your new accountant
  3. Give your new accountant authority
  4. Check they have sent over a letter of professional clearance
  5. Reply to a disengagement letter if you get one

You can find more details in our guide.

Why choose a service like TaxScouts?

We’re all about making personal tax a stress-free and simple process for everyone. 

Our users love a lot about us, but especially what we’ve created and how easy tax is with us. The bottom line is that we care. 

Tax is stressful, scary and hard to understand, and we want to change the narrative because it doesn’t have to be. Using TaxScouts is easy. You’ll never be scared or intimidated by taxes again. 

Choosing TaxScouts means that you hand everything over to us – including your worries.

Reasons to switch to TaxScouts

Here are 5 reasons to switch to TaxScouts:

    1. You get your own accredited tax accountant
    2. We’re 100% online and speedy
    3. Contact our support team whenever you need to
    4. We’re super affordable
    5. Our user-friendly platform

You get your own accredited tax accountant

This may seem obvious, but when you’re filing your tax return through HMRC, you don’t get one. HMRC aren’t known to be the most helpful, supportive or dependable. But, TaxScouts’ tax accountants are. 

Your dedicated accountant will sort and file your tax return for you, from start to finish. All you need to do is give them your details and documents. It really is as simple as that. 

Another plus is that you can always reach out to your accountant online and ask them questions or for guidance on the tax return they’re already dealing with – a service traditional accountants often can’t provide.

We’re 100% online and speedy

We’re not saying being able to do everything online is revolutionary anymore. 

But, the ease and simplicity of everything being in one place, accessible to you anytime from your phone, is pretty fabulous. 

You can upload all your documents and info from your phone or laptop. Not only that, you can also contact your accredited accountant with a tax-related question, speak with our support team about any issues, use our website to double-check allowances, and even receive and pay your tax bill. 

Plus, we’re quick and efficient. Get your tax return filed in as little as 48 hours once the accountant has everything they need from you.

It couldn’t be easier! 

Contact our support team whenever you need to

Sometimes, you’ll have questions about your tax accountant, the system, specific tax-related content on the website or more, and you’ll need someone to ask. That’s what our friendly support team is here for! 

Contact them on our website live chat or via email at [email protected]. They’ll be back in touch with you as soon as they can. 

We’re affordable

Plain and simple. 

Dealing with tax doesn’t have to be expensive and we understand that. We’re affordable with no hidden costs or fees, ever. 

Get the best tax support for a fraction of the price with TaxScouts. 

Our user-friendly platform

We’re a jargon-free zone here at TaxScouts and our platform reflects it. It’s easy to understand, straightforward and intuitive. 

You’ll know what’s happening every step of the way!

How do you switch over to TaxScouts?

Easy! Once you’ve signed up and matched with your accredited accountant (woohoo), they’ll send you a letter of engagement including the 64-8 form

This form allows them accountant authorisation (a.k.a permission) to act on your behalf for your tax affairs. 

Our tax accountants don’t need to request professional clearance from your last accountant because you’ll need to upload all the necessary documents to your TaxScouts account. They’ll get everything directly from you.

Log in, follow the steps and you’re golden. 

And remember, if you get stuck, contact our friendly support team!

Sort your taxes today with TaxScouts

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