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We sort your Self Assessment for you. £119, all in.

Your 8 most common questions answered

We've updated this guide on 6th October 2021

Our trusty Support Team is always around to answer your questions. And when we caught up with them to see what kind of things they’re asked, it turns out that they’re asked the same set of questions every single day! So we’ve put a list together of the most common and broken down the answers into the basics. 

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And if there’s anything else we can help with, feel free to get in touch! We’re available via the live chat on our homepage or on [email protected].

1. After filing, do I pay my taxes straight away?  

It’s a common misconception that as soon as you file, you pay on the spot. In fact, the earlier you complete your tax return, the longer you have to pay the outstanding tax bill. Everyone pays on 31st January. 

That means that if you do your tax return at the start of the new tax year on 6th April, for example, you have 9 months to save for it. This is especially important to be aware of if it’s your first year self-employed and you’re about to be hit with up-front payments on account!

2. Why does my accountant use a personal email address?

At TaxScouts, we partner with accountants, and lots of them run their own accounting businesses. This means that they work alongside us and are paid per return, rather than being our employees. Only the TaxScouts employees use TaxScouts email addresses so when your accountant contacts you, they will use their personal one to do so. 

3. What is a submission response?

The submission response is a receipt provided by HMRC to TaxScouts once a tax return has been filed. Think of it like a receipt you’d get in a shop. 

While it can typically take up to a week for HMRC’s government gateway to update with your filed tax return, the submission response is automatically generated and uploaded to your profile. If you need to contact HMRC about your tax return, having your submission response handy will make the process a lot easier.

It can be downloaded from your TaxScouts profile and will remain there indefinitely. If you do need to contact HMRC, quoting the reference number in the submission response (known as an IR mark) when you speak to them will mean they can track and deal with your query more effectively. 

4. Where can I find tax returns from previous years?

When you login to your TaxScouts account, all your tax returns from previous years are listed in the Overview section. 

5. I can’t remember my password

If you’ve forgotten your password, just click the ‘Forgot password’ link when you login. We’ll send you an email with a link to reset it. 

6. What documents do I need to upload to do my tax return?

Our accountants will need to see evidence of your income and expenses. How you present this is up to you. We recommend using a spreadsheet or uploading directly from any accounting software that you use (e.g. Quickbooks).  

7. Which HMRC account do I pay?

If you’re paying your tax bill by bank transfer, you should pay using these details

Account nameSort CodeAccount NumberReference
HMRC Cumbernauld08-32-1012001039[your UTR number] + K

If you’re paying from outside the UK:

Account nameAccount Number (IBAN)Reference (BIC)
HMRC CumbernauldGB62BARC20114770297690BARCGB22

Read more about how to pay your tax bill on our blog. 

8. Do I have to print and sign my tax return to approve it?

No. You can just click the approve button if you’re happy with all the details on your tax return.

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