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  • Last updated 3 Oct 2023

Imagine a world where a free invoice template exists… 😲 

Invoicing. It has to be done. (sighs) 🥱 Creating a Word, PDF, or any other document isn’t everyone’s forte. And, not only can it be difficult, but it’s time-consuming too. Especially if you’re busy bossing your own business. ⏰

Luckily for you, a free invoice template already exists! Right here as a matter of fact!

Let’s spill the beans👇

Why do I need a free invoice template?

Well, who doesn’t love a freebie? We’re just kidding. It is free. But, that’s not why you need this one.

For starters, you’ll need an invoice template if you own your own business. You’ll send invoices to your clients, asking them to pay for the goods or services you sold them.

But, you don’t only need an invoice template to receive payments. They’re also useful as a general method, of tracking:

  • Sales 🛍
  • Inventory 🧵(if you’re selling/creating physical products)
  • Income for tax purposes ✏️
  • Forecast of future sales 🔮

What is the best free template?

The free invoice template from TaxScouts, of course. You ask, and we deliver. A little birdy told us that we have the best template! 🐦

Okay, so modesty isn’t one of our best assets. 🤭 But, the proof’s in the pudding. Here’s why we offer the best free invoice template:

  • 1 platform – so you can do it all in one place
  • Create – with our simple and easy-to-use invoice software
  • Personalise – ready to send them off to all your different clients

It’s more than just a template

Not only can you create, personalise, and send invoices, but with our free invoice template, you can also do all of this 🤯 :

  • See all your payments at a glance – your dashboard lists all your invoices, so no more disorganisation
  • Get paid faster – use our free invoice template to send out and receive payments at the click of a button, whenever and wherever you are
  • Never lose track of an invoice again – say goodbye to hectic spreadsheets 

Free invoice template step by step

Here’s how you can create a free invoice template in a few easy steps with TaxScouts.

  1. Sign up for TaxScouts’ free bookkeeping tools (or log into your account if you already have one)
  2. Click on the “My finances” section at the top of your screen

3. Once you’re there, click on “create a new invoice”

4. Fill in the information you want to include in the invoice

  • The date you’re creating the invoice
  • The invoice number
  • Your company logo
  • Your client/customer’s details
  • Details about the service/goods you’ve provided
  • Items you need to add
  • Payment terms
  • Any extra, relevant notes

5. Once you’re done, click on “Save” on the top right

6. You now have 3 options

  • Issue the invoice
  • Send to customer
  • Save it as a draft

7. Once the invoice is finalised, send it off to your customer in a few clicks

8. Get paid 💸

Where can I get your free invoice template?

Right here. But, why stop there? 🤔 Browse through our other free bookkeeping tools too! We have all your needs covered:

  • Expenses – no more manual data entry from bags of receipts. Our AI-powered data extraction tool will pull all your business spending straight from your receipts. 
  • Accounting overview – track all your business income and expenses, all at once. No more spreadsheets, no more lengthy admin. 
  • Bank account linking – securely connect your bank account or credit cards to automate your finance management. 

Eager to find out more? Check out or bookkeeping demo below 👇

That’s a wrap

No. Not the burrito kind. 🌯 But, it is just as tasty.

And, if you haven’t already checked out our other free bookkeeping tools…well, you should! Enjoy 💁‍♀️

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