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Stay on top of your expenses

Say goodbye to the manual labour of business spending spreadsheets and hello to the new, efficient way to keep your expenses in order.

Manage your business finances all in one place

With our free platform, there’s no need for confusing, manual admin. Keep all your income and expenses in one place, and see all your figures live and kicking on your dashboard.


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No more receipt-hoarding necessary

Upload pictures of your receipts directly into TaxScouts and let our AI-powered data extraction tool pull your spending. And all in just a few clicks! Store them online until you’re ready to file.


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Tidy, free bookkeeping services

It’s time to get rid of the notebooks, spreadsheets, folders, receipts and whatever else you use to record-keep. Upload all of it as you go along and save yourself the last-minute rush in January. Less manual entry, more time to make money. 


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Missed expenses? Never!

Now you can add each expense immediately, instead of waiting until you find the time. It’s quick, easy and super simple to keep a record of your business spending. Plus, it’s free to use! All in one place so your accountant can access it when you’re ready to file.


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Ready to change the game?

With our free bookkeeping tools, you can manage your business finances all in one place and be ready to file your tax return whenever you want! It’s never been easier to stay on top of your self-employed hustle!


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Need an accountant too?

Give the free bookkeeping tools a go right away! And if you also want one-off, on-demand support from an accredited accountant, we’ve got that too. Take a look at how we can help.

Available now
Create & send invoices
Create & send invoices
Scan, upload and organise receipts
Scan, upload and organise receipts
Track your income and expenses
Track your income and expenses
Connect your bank accounts
Connect your bank accounts
Tax return sorted with HMRC
Tax return sorted with HMRC
£169 per tax return
1:1 professional tax advice consultation
1:1 professional tax advice consultation
£139 per consultation
1-1 tax advice & your tax return filed
1-1 tax advice & your tax return filed
£269, all in


Got more questions? Ask away! Here are some FAQs related to tax return service, but if you have any other questions, get in touch with our UK-based support team on [email protected] or via the live chat.

Yes! Totally free – and it always will be.

Our bread and butter is our accounting support: professional expertise provided by our network of accredited accountants. Back in 2017 when we launched TaxScouts in the UK, we did that selling our slick and snappy online tax returns, filed by an accredited accountant. Now we offer two one-off accountant-based services in the UK (tax returns and tax advice consultations), and we’ve got more in the pipeline coming in 2023. 

We charge for our accountants’ time and expertise. But when it comes to the bookkeeping tools to help you get organised, it’s on us. Part of our ethos is keeping things simple and straightforward, and not needlessly charging for things. So we’re sticking to that belief.

No. It’s totally up to you whether you buy a paid service in addition to using the free tools. 

The self-employed. So anyone earning untaxed self-employed income, whether this represents all of your income or a side hustle alongside your salaried job.

It’s especially useful for people who are just starting out as self-employed as we can help you get organised to make tax-filing totally seamless. Everything we’ve built is easy-to-use and stored online so everything you need is all in one place.

Expenses are costs that you might be able to claim against your earnings so that you pay less tax.

What you can claim will depend on your situation, sources of income, and the tax-free allowances which you’re already claiming.

The two most common sources of income where it makes sense to claim expenses are for self-employment and rental income, but it is possible to claim certain expenses from other sources of income too. Read more about expenses.

You can claim pretty much everything that you use “for business”:

  • a portion of your home
  • transport costs
  • accountant fees (including ours!)
  • laptop, phone, etc.

For most of these things, you need to calculate what proportion you actually use for your self-employed business.

The complete list of self-employed allowances is here.

Yes! Our friendly and knowledgeable support team is happy to help however they can. Email them at [email protected] or use the live chat function on our website to speak to them.

Yes! We have a personal tax return and limited company tax return service – an accredited accountant will sort and submit your tax return for you fast, online and hassle-free. And, all for low, fixed prices. Plus, they can also answer any questions you have related to your tax return. 

Need one-off tax help? Learn more about the service here.

Want tax advice and your personal tax return filed? Get our Self Assessment bundle and save –  your personal tax return filed and a one-off tax advice session for just £269.

Why choose TaxScouts?

Want to get on top of your business finances? We can help. Get instant access to free, easy-to-use bookkeeping tools from a name you can trust.

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