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We sort your Self Assessment for you. £169, all in.

Why become a freelance accountant? 

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  • Last updated 31 Jan 2024

Are you looking to grow your accountancy business? Do you have more than five years professional experience? Well, look no further ✨

Every year, millions of taxpayers are forced to endure the pain of sorting and filing their taxes 🤕 At the same time, accountants must endure the burden of endless invoices, receipts, spreadsheets – and the second-hand of their clients.

But, we’re changing that! We offer simple, fast, and all online tax services for customers and accountants alike! 

So, without further ado, let us introduce ourselves 👋

A bit about us 

Like anything in life, you should know who and what you’re dealing with. So, let’s chat! 

We’re TaxScouts, and we’re on a mission to make tax preparation and filing seamless for everyone. To do this in the UK, we offer four key services: tax returns, tax advice, tax bundle and Limited Company taxes

After 6 years on the job, we’re now the proud owners of almost 5K Trustpilot reviews with an overall rating of 4.8/5. Check them out here if you want to see how users find using our services.

But, that’s enough about us for now. Let’s dive into what we really want to discuss – how our platform is the perfect space for freelance accountants

How can we help you? 

Without sounding like we’re bragging, we think that our platform is … well … a tax  accountant’s heaven ☁️

A bold claim, we know! But, the proof’s in the pudding – here are the top three benefits for TaxScouts accountants: 

  1. Gain new clients. We find, you keep. Need we say more?
  2. Access our free-to-use platform 🤗
  3. Reduced admin, greater efficiency!

Sounds good, right? Well, if your interest has been piqued, now is the time to keep on reading. 

New clients? Yes, please! 

After joining our community of accredited accountants, you’ll be able to gain new clients without lifting a finger.

On signing up, we’ll collect all of the important information you’ll need to help them, and allow you to start working on their tax situation as soon as they’ve paid. For freelance accounting work, could it get any better!? 

Spoiler alert! 🚨It does. To compensate for those customers that don’t give us all their information first time-round (you probably know all too well 🫠), we’ve automated the process for asking for further information, so you don’t have to. A few clicks instead of a few hours is the way we do things around here. 

What does it cost to use our platform? 

We’re proud to say nothing! Not a penny. We’re here to help you just as much as we are our customers. And what better way to boost your work-from-home accounting hustle than with a free platform? 🎁

And, whilst we’re on the theme of good news, here’s some more. 

There’s no need to worry about sourcing and retaining freelance accounting work when you have us to secure your clients 😇

Once a client is assigned to you by us, you’re ready to get started. Plus our platform is built to ensure there’s no bidding on clients or internal competition between our other accounting partners. When your clients return from previous years, they’re assigned automatically to you – can we get a woohoo? 🎊

We keep things fair and square, which is why our community of accountants are just as happy as our customers! ✨

Time is precious 

A fun fact about us? We value your time! Which is why we’ve automated all the admin that’s required for you to file a tax return – saving you time and helping our customers get their tax return filed in as little as 48 hours! 

Want more? We’ve got more! Our dedicated support team are there to offer a helping hand to both our customers and accountants. This is coupled with engineering and product development teams who are constantly working to improve the platform by introducing new features to reduce admin and increase functionality 🙌

So, what’s our secret sauce? Our HMRC integration! 😱

Our HMRC integration allows customers to pull their employment information directly from HMRC to their TaxScouts profile – meaning no more time spent hunting around for P60s.

How do we work together?  

As we all know, teamwork makes a dream work – here’s how we set up our accountants and customers for success: 

  1. Sign up and start receiving new clients. Yep, it’s as simple as that. You’ll be notified by email each time a new paying client has sent you their information. Could online accounting jobs get any better? We think not.
  2. Let us handle the communication. We gather all of the information you need to get started on a customer’s return.  Anything extra is just a few clicks away as you can request it directly through the platform. Once that tax return has been filed, all you have to do is add the client to your invoice and send it our way.

See you soon 🫶

A bit presumptuous of us? Maybe. But don’t forget, we find you clients, reduce your admin and we’re free. What more could a freelance accountant want? 😉

If this sounds up your street, you can register with us here.

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