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What was the Government Gateway and how do I login now?

  • 1 min read
  • Last updated 20 Dec 2023

The Government Gateway was the system used to sign up for the UK government’s online services.

Most people used the Government Gateway to log in to HMRC and file their personal tax return.

It was shut down in March 2019.

So how do I log in to HMRC now?

You can log in to HMRC’s replacement system, HMRC Online Services. You can use this new government digital service for things like:

  • Self assessment
  • Personal or business tax accounts
  • Corporation tax 
  • PAYE for employers

Can I still use my old Government Gateway user ID and password?

Yes! Your old Government Gateway user ID and password will still be valid to use for HMRC Online Services.

What if I forgot my Government Gateway login details?

We’ve all forgotten an old password at some point! But don’t worry, your Government Gateway login is very much retrievable as long as you have your email address! That’s why we’ve written a whole guide on what to do if you’ve forgotten your login details! You can read this here.

How about other services that used to use the Government Gateway?

This all depends on which government services you’re after – there are quite a few including DVLA, Department of Agriculture, etc.

It may be easier for you to have a look at the official full list of alternatives!

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