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How to claim your EIS tax relief?

  • 2 min read
  • Last updated 25 Aug 2021

You’ve invested in a company and now you’re getting ready to claim EIS and receive 30% of your investment back as an EIS tax relief.

It must feel good.

But how to actually do it?

Information you need to have to claim EIS

  • Company names that you invested into
  • Date on which the shares were issued to your name
  • Amounts you invested in each company
  • HMRC office that authorised the issue of the EIS3 certificate.

Where you can get this information

1. Your EIS3 certificate

After the company you invested in has been trading for 4 months they will request the EIS3 certificates from HMRC, and then distribute these certificates to their investors – i.e. you.

If you used an agency or platform for your EIS investments then you should receive the EIS3 certificate from them instead.

The EIS3 certificate contains the key information needed for claiming your tax relief with your self assessment, including the time and amount of investment.

2. Your Share Certificate

This is the document that proves you’re a shareholder in the business.

Normally the company you invested in must have also issued you one before you receive your EIS3 certificate.

What you need to do next

When you’re filing your annual income tax return you must claim the EIS tax relief by filling in the “other tax reliefs” section on your Additional Information (SA101) pages.

Enter the total amount invested on section 2 of that page:

At the bottom of this page you’ll need to provide the information that is listed at the top of this article for each company you invested in:

Of course we at TaxScouts are happy to take care of this for you.

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