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Get organised with our tax return toolkit. From tax calculators to expenses spreadsheet templates to top tips and more! We’ll get you on track to sort your 2023/24 tax return.

Get tax return ready

Why go through the stress of a last minute tax return? HMRC has experienced major processing delays this year, so the earlier you get yours sorted, the better. Scroll to find your tax return toolkit and get ahead of the tax season.
Top tip: Did you know you can claim back the TaxScouts fee as an allowable expense on next year’s tax return?
Top tip: Download your transaction summary from your investment accounts and send them to your accountant as proof of investment income
Top tip: You can make up to £12,300 in profit from crypto trading before you have to pay tax
Top tip: If your contract is less than 24 months long, you can claim back lunch that you paid for out of pocket (e.g. food at the contractor’s canteen)
Top tip: As a foster carer, you can earn £10,000 before you owe tax on your carer’s income, but you must register as self-employed

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That’s the spirit. We’re ready to take your tax return off your plate whenever you are – and if you have any questions, just get in touch.

  • Flat £169 fee (inc. VAT)
  • Get your tax return filed by a personal accountant
  • No stress, no mistakes, no fuss

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