TaxScouts: Free bookkeeping tools for you

  • 2 min read
  • 3 Oct 2023

With our free bookkeeping tools, keeping track of your finances just got a whole lot easier. 😅

Tell me more, you cry! Well, we’d like to welcome you to the world of free bookkeeping. (Gasps) 😱

We can confirm, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. We’ll help you keep track of all your income, invoices, and expenses for free! 🙌

I need to know! What is this bookkeeping service? 

We’re glad you asked! (Drum-roll, please) 🥁

As always, we’re keen to make sorting your taxes easier, which is why we’ve put together the ultimate free bookkeeping tools to help you manage your business’ finances – who said we were modest? 🤭

But, there’s more. We also offer support from your very own accredited accountant (if you need it) – a match made in heaven.

Sounds tasty, what’s bookkeeping all about?

There are so many great things about our new, and did we mention free, bookkeeping tools! (oops fangirling over here 🫣)

But, here are a few of our faves:

  • Save money (all for free) 👛
  • Get a clearer picture of your finances – track all your business income and expenses, all at once
  • Save time and effort managing your finances – no more spreadsheets, no more lengthy admin
  • Get everything ready to file your taxes – snap, upload, deliver – and store your invoices and expenses online, ready for tax filing
  • Flexible professional help – because some things need an expert. Get the helping human hand you need in the form of your very own accredited accountant 🤸

How do I level up my bookkeeping? 

Let’s break it down. Our bookkeeping tools will help you to achieve the ultimate level of organisation and efficiency.

Invoices 📝

  • Create, personalise, and send invoices in just a few clicks – don’t worry you don’t need to be Van Gogh to do this! Just automate it straight from our platform
  • Avoid unpaid invoices – our clear and concise platform means you’ll be able to see and track all your invoices, all in one place
  • Get paid faster – we’re talking about Usain Bolt type of speed. Use our free invoice tool to send out payments at the click of a button, whenever and wherever you are

Expenses 💸

  • Upload your receipts from your phone or computer, all from the comfort of your bed – and store them until you’re ready to file
  • Use our AI data extraction for receipts 🤖 
  • Less manual admin, more time for the stuff that matters
  • Fewer missed expenses – now you can add each expense immediately, instead of waiting (and forgetting)
  • Break the habit of a lifetime – say goodbye to hoarding receipts. January you will be thankful 🧾

Overview 🌍 

  • Get a 360 view of your income and expenses – with our concise and easy-to-use platform, you can kick back and relax over Christmas, as you’ll be all set for the January tax return deadline 
  • Stay on top of your finances – with our AI-powered data extraction tool, you can monitor how much money is coming in vs. out of your business
  • Hello, Sherlock Holmes! – track all of your financial transactions in one place
  • Save the time and hassle of inputting information into spreadsheets

Bank account linking 💳 

  • Link up your bank account or credit card to add relevant transactions to your TaxScouts account – save time sifting through your accounts
  • Put that magnifying glass away! Our bank account linking gives you the full picture of your business income and spending 
  • Save time getting all your financial information together – no more fishing for figures

Can I use your free bookkeeping service?

You sure can! 

Sole traders, creators, and side hustlers this one’s for you! Sick of sifting through different accounts, receipts and spreadsheets? We have the perfect remedy. 😷

Our free tools will allow you to boss your bookkeeping once and for all. 

Designed specifically with small businesses in mind – sole traders, freelancers, creators, and side hustlers 🦸- they’re quick and easy to use, because we understand that you’re not looking for complex features. Just the ones you need. ⛏️

I need extra help!

As always, we’ve got you covered🫶 Get support from an accredited accountant. And, don’t worry, our free bookkeeping tools won’t be going anywhere! 

Here’s how we can help: 

  • Tax return service – we ​​take the stress away. We’ll sort your Self Assessment for you. £169, all in.
  • Tax advice service – make your tax problem ours. Get simple, one-off tax advice from an accredited accountant. £139, all in.
  • Get both – bundle our tax return and advice services. £269, all in.

So, what’s next?

If, so far, you’ve resisted the urge to sign up for our free bookkeeping tools, then it’s about time you did! 

And that’s all for now, folks. 🙏

But, let us tell you, we’re just getting this party started. 🪩

🚀 Boss your bookkeeping – for free

Manage your self-employed finances in one place with 10/10 bookkeeping tools.

  • Save money, time and effort
  • Create and personalise invoices
  • Track all your income and expenses in one place
  • And more!