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Get ahead of your taxes

Spring clean your tax position before 6th April. Consult with an accountant for just £119.

  • Optimise your tax liability
  • Get on the correct tax rate
  • Stay ahead of HMRC
I used the consultation package and got a full and frank review of my situation and options.
Where I thought I owed tax I was delighted to find out there were allowances that mitigated my exposure and I now have a plan of how to proceed.
— Robert M.
I booked the combined tax consultation and self assessment which was worth it as I got a lot of helpful advice. I now understand a lot more about my tax situation.
— Chris K.
Lilian was evidently well prepared for the consultation and was able to fully address all of our questions. Her advice was thorough and she is clearly very knowledgeable in her field.
— Gary

Chat to an accountant, change your (tax) life

Accountants aren’t just for crisis. Professional support can improve your tax position any time, especially ahead of the new tax year. Start 2024/25 fresh.

Optimise your tax position

Run your tax affairs with intention this year. Claim relevant allowances and reliefs and say hi to new, tax-efficient you.

Get equipped for new taxes

Remember the Autumn Budget? A lot of taxes are changing in April 2024. Get ahead of them and avoid any surprises in January 2025.

Slick your business

An accountant can advise on the most up-to-date property, investment and self-employed allowances, reductions and expensable purchases for your business.

Ready to book your consultation?

Great! If you’re ready, let’s get this show on the road.

How our tax advice service works

Tell us your situation

The more detail you provide, the more prepped your accountant will be for your call.

Book time with your accountant

You’ll be paired with an accredited accountant. Choose a date and time for your 30-minute phone or video call.

Follow up

Your accountant will send you a summary of everything you discussed and follow up with what to do next. Access it online, whenever you need it.

Bundle up and save

Filing a tax return this year? Why not bundle up with your consultation to save some cash. You get the same accountant too, so you’ll already be buds.
  • File any time before Jan 2025
  • Keep the same accountant
  • Save £39

Tax advice FAQs

Got more questions? Ask away! Here are some FAQs related to our tax advice service, but if you have any other questions, get in touch with our UK-based support team on [email protected] or via the live chat.

An accountant helps you ensure that your existing activities are in-line with HMRC’s rules and regulations. They can help you make the most of available tax allowances and expenses then help you be as tax-efficient as possible. 

A financial advisor, alternatively, will help you plan financial decisions for your future. They help you grow your business by leveraging trends and helping you strategise new opportunities for growth.

You get a 30 minute phone or video call with your accredited accountant. They’ll then provide you with a written summary of your call, plus any follow up actions which will be available in your TaxScouts online account.

Yes! We have a personal tax return and limited company tax return service – an accredited accountant will sort and submit your tax return for you fast, online and hassle-free. And, all for low, fixed prices. Plus, they can also answer any questions you have related to your tax return. 

Need one-off tax help? Learn more about the service here.

Want tax advice and your personal tax return filed? Get our Self Assessment bundle and save –  your personal tax return filed and a one-off tax advice session for just £269.

Our accountants can give you advice on your tax situation, but they won’t do tax calculations for you on the call. We’d recommend giving our tax calculators a try if you’re looking for an estimate of your bill.

Otherwise, the best way to find out exactly what you’ll owe HMRC is to file your tax return! Don’t forget, you don’t have to pay your bill when you file. Filing just calculates what you owe based on your income and expenses.

Absolutely! You can drop in as many times as you need us. It’s £139 per consultation, so don’t hold back. We’ll pair you with the same accountant each time so they’ll have all the content they need on your tax situation.

When you pay for either of our tax return services, an accredited accountant will sort and submit your tax return, and you can ask them any questions you have related to your tax return. 

So, if you’ve already paid for us to file your tax return, you don’t also need to pay for tax advice if you have questions related to your tax return.

Unfortunately not! 

We’re not able to contact them on your behalf and cannot fill out any forms they’ve sent you. This will have to be done by you! We can, however, advise on what their letters may mean and the best next steps. 

Not sure what number you need to contact them? Take a look at our guide where we list the most important numbers to contact HMRC based on your situation. 

Why choose TaxScouts?

Need a hand with your taxes from an accredited accountant? We can help. Get simple, affordable support with your personal taxes from a name you can trust.

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