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How it works

Answer a few simple questions

And we mean a few. After a couple of minutes of answering questions online we’ll have everything we need to start preparing your tax return.

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Then get paired with a tax return accountant

That’s right, you’ll be matched with a real, accredited accountant who is best suited to prepare your return. Plus, they’re on hand to answer questions whenever you need them.

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We file your Self Assessment for you

Once you’ve signed off your return, your TaxScouts accountant will submit your return with HMRC for you.

That’s it! We told you it was simple.

Just pay a flat £133

That’s right. No matter how complicated it gets or why you need to do a return, it’ll cost £134.

That includes VAT, last-minute changes and all the support you may need.

Painless tax returns

It’s a simple online process. Fast, efficient and a whole lot less scary than doing it yourself.

Peace of mind

No more worrying about missing a rebate or making a mistake. Get your return drafted by a real, accredited accountant.

Single, discounted price

It doesn’t matter how complicated your situation is or how much you earn. No matter what happens, it’s £133 with your discount.

What the media are saying about us

Filling out your annual return needn’t be taxing. This start-up aims to take the pain out of many people’s biggest headache.

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Common questions

You’re not alone. If you’ve got a question we’ve probably heard it before and have an answer. Or we can walk you through what to do.

Self-service guides and FAQs

Did you know that there are a number of things that your TaxScouts accountant can help you expense on your tax return?

  • Deliveroo commissions and service charges
  • Bike maintenance such as brake pads, tyre replacement
  • Parking fees
  • Mobile phone, phone holder & data allowance
  • Kit, thermal bags
  • Bank fees
  • Insurance
  • Business travel and mileage
  • Or a flat £1,000 Trading Allowance


You only pay National Insurance for your:

  • employment income and
  • self-employment income

For anything else, like dividends, savings interest, foreign income, etc., you don’t need to pay National Insurance, only Income Tax.

Of course, if you wish to qualify for or increase your State Pension, you can always make voluntary National Insurance contributions.

Registering for VAT as a self-employed is rare.

You only need to do it if:

  • You will be earn over £85,000 from self-employment, or
  • You sell to VAT-registered businesses and want to reclaim VAT on your own purchases (laptop for work, etc.).

The UK tax year for personal tax returns goes from 6th April to 5th April. For example, the 2022/23 tax year starts on 6th April 2022, ends 5th April 2023 and you have to file and pay your tax bill by 31st January 2024.

If it’s your first time filing, you should make sure that you register for self assessment with HMRC (this basically means letting HMRC know that you’re earning untaxed income) by 5th October 2023.

Want to know more about the important dates to be aware of? We’ve got a guide on it. More tax dates can be found here.


For example: you works as a restaurant waiter in the morning and drive an Uber in the evenings. You will have to file a tax return for your Uber income.

Read more about being both employed and self-employed here.

Your UTR number is a Unique Taxpayer Reference that you get when you register for Self Assessment.

It consists of 10 digits (sometimes with a letter K at the end) and is issued to you by HMRC.

Check out our guide to getting a UTR.

If you’re self-employed, you can get up to £1,000 each tax year as a tax-free allowance. This is called the Trading Allowance.


  • if you earn less than £1,000 from self-employment, you don’t need to do anything: it’s completely tax-free
  • if your expenses are under £1,000, you can just claim this allowance instead: it’s bigger and you don’t need to worry about receipts

Learn more about the Trading Allowance

Most people do not need to file a Self Assessment because they are taxed at source. But there are a few reasons you may need to complete a tax return:

  • you’re self-employed and earned more than £1,000
  • you are a landlord with rental income over £2,500
  • you made over £12,000 in profit from investments
  • you received more than £10,000 from savings interest or dividends
  • you have foreign income
  • you want to claim a tax refund (CIS, EIS, SEIS, donations)
  • HMRC tells you to submit one
  • your income is over £100,000
  • you live abroad and had income from the UK
  • you’re in a partnership
  • you are a minister of any religion

Check out more reasons you may need to submit a Self Assessment

Depending on your situation, you may be entitled to claim different expenses back on your Self Assessment.

If you’re self-employed you can claim expenses individually (full list here) or claim the £1,000 Trading Allowance.

If you’re a landlord, you can claim certain replacement items, renovations and if you live in the property (full list here) or claim the £1,000 Property Income Allowance.

Other general allowances can be found here for investors, high-earners and other taxpayers.


We don’t just take you halfway there – TaxScouts is a complete tax return service:

  • We calculate your tax bill
  • We help you find and claim eligible expenses and tax allowances
  • And we actually file your personal tax return. All you need to do is approve it.

Let’s get your Self Assessment sorted today

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