Simple online UTR registration

Whether you need the UTR for your self assessment tax return or for your employer. Don't worry. We've got you covered.

It's simple, we do it all online and it costs £25.

How it works

We'll get your details online

We'll ask you few questions to register you with HMRC. It just takes few minutes.

Your accountant deals with HMRC

You'll get an accountant assigned who will deal directly with HMRC and register you at HMRC within 24 hours.

HMRC will send you UTR directly

HMRC will send your UTR number directly to you by post in about 4 weeks.

Online self assessment preparation assisted by professional accountants
"I was very sceptical hitting the pay…"
…but my accountant did absolutely everything and took all of the hassle out of doing a tax return.
Wesley Thompson
"Very fast"
Very fast and gave good advice I will be using every year
Wayne L
I will happily recommend them and frankly don't care if Marcus is real or a room full of whirring AI - TaxScouts is brilliant.
Andy B
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What happens next

  • We'll ask you a couple of short questions
  • One of our accountants will deal with everything
  • You'll get registered and HMRC will issue your UTR