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Surviving the hustle economy

Ever wished that tax was just, well, easy? Ever wished that educating yourself and avoiding fines didn’t mean hours of navigating HMRC jargon or speaking to an expensive accountant?

Your wish is our command…

Why would I read a tax book?

Good question. The answer is, you probably wouldn’t, because no one wants to read a tax book cover to cover, do they? We’ve split it into side hustle-based sections to help you navigate with ease. Here’s what we cover over 10 chapters:

  • The tax ‘Need to Knows’ for your hustle
  • The landlord hustle
  • The investor hustle
  • The Airbnb hustle
  • The crypto hustle
  • The freelance hustle
  • The entrepreneur hustle
  • The online selling hustle
  • The influencer hustle
  • The expat hustle

About the author, Tram

Tram Abramov is the CEO and co-founder of TaxScouts. Having understood the pain of sorting your taxes first-hand, he and his two co-founders launched TaxScouts to tackle it.

“Over half of the time that TaxScouts has existed was during lockdown, so we’ve seen the growth of side hustling in the tens of thousands of tax returns we’ve filed.

We want to support this growing community of side hustlers. Our ebook, Tax 101: Surviving the Hustle Economy, helps you through the confusion, pain and unnecessary expense of getting your taxes sorted.”

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