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UK payslip

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A UK payslip is a note that your employer gives you when you’ve been paid. 

You get a payslip if you’re an employee including if you are a casual worker (i.e. on a zero hour contract). If you’re self-employed or a contractor, you’re paid via an invoice, CIS statement, etc. Also, if you’re in the police or work as a merchant seaman, you won’t be issued with a payslip. 

What information is on my UK payslip?

There’s loads! Here’s a list of what you might be able to see:

  • Your salary
  • A bonus (if you get one – whoop!)
  • Overtime
  • Income Tax and National Insurance that your employer deducts and sends to HMRC
  • National Insurance number 
  • Student loan repayments
  • Other loan repayments/advance wages
  • Pension contributions
  • Save As You Earn contributions, payroll giving donations etc.
  • Your net pay (i.e. your take-home salary)
  • Your tax code and NI number
  • Share options deducted

Do I need my payslip for anything else?

It’s always good to keep your payslips stored for a number of years. You may be asked for them as proof of your income in any of the following circumstances:

  • When you’re buying a house 
  • If you’re renting a new place
  • When you’re filing a Self Assessment tax return

Also, bear in mind the volume of personal information that’s stored on your payslips. To safeguard this, you should make sure that you’re holding onto them and keeping them somewhere secure. 

Who can ask for deductions from my pay?

As you might expect, only select parties can make deductions from your payslip. Deductions can only come from The Student Loans Company, your employer (for agreed amounts such as unpaid holiday, pension contributions or workplace benefits/schemes), and other government agencies. 

  • Court orders – a court can order money to be deducted from your pay and sent to creditors
  • Child maintenance –  CMS (Child Maintenance Services) can also order money to be deducted from your pay to pay for your child. And your employer is also entitled to a £1 admin fee too!
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