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National Insurance Number (NINo)

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The National Insurance Number (NINo) is a number that proves you have the right to work in the UK when you’re looking for a job or starting as self-employed. 

If you have a National Insurance Number, you must check that the contributions and tax are recorded against your name only. It’s made of two letters, six digits, and one letter at the end (for example, AB123456C). This combination of letters and numbers never changes.

Where can you find your National Insurance Number?

Unsure where you can find your National Insurance Number? You can find it:

  • On your payslip
  • On your P60 or P45
  • In the National Insurance section of your personal tax account
  • On letters from HMRC about your tax, pension or state benefits

Who uses your NINo?

Due to the purpose of a NINo, there are some organisations that will need to know what your number is. These include:

  • Your employer
  • HMRC
  • The Department for Work and Pensions – if you claim state benefits
  • Your local council – if you claim housing benefit
  • Electoral Registration Officers – when registering to vote
  • The Student Loan Company – if you apply for a student loan
  • Your pension provider – if you take out ​​a personal or stakeholder pension
  • Your Individual Savings Account provider – if you take out an ISA
  • Authorised financial service providers who help you buy and sell investments

How do you get a National Insurance Number?

If you were born in the UK, you will have received it when you turned 16. If you recently moved to the UK and don’t have a National Insurance Number already, you need to apply for one if you’re planning to work. You can do this online here.

Help! I’ve lost my NINo!

If you can’t remember your National Insurance Number, the quickest and easiest way to find it is either online through your personal tax account, or on a document, such as your payslip or P60.

If you still can’t find it after this, you can fill in form CA5403 and send it to the corresponding address. Or, alternatively, you can contact the National Insurance numbers helpline and answer some security questions. HMRC will then post it to you.

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