What is the P60 form and why do you need it?

A P60 is a statement that summarises how much tax your employer paid.

This is issued and sent to you by your employer at the end of each tax year (31st of May).

Most employers do it by the end of April when they run their monthly payroll.

What’s in a P60 form

  • Your National Insurance number
  • How much you earned in a given tax year (gross income)
  • How much tax has been paid
  • How much National Insurance was paid
  • Your details and your employer’s
  • Your Tax Code

What does a P60 form look like

There is no standard format for a P60 (each may look a bit different) but the minimum information on it is always the same.

The information on your P60 is provided by your employer to HMRC, and based on this HMRC makes their tax calculations.

You should keep your P60 for your tax records.

What do you need a P60 for

  • To prepare your annual self assessment
  • For your tax records and tax disputes
  • Sometimes when dealing with banks (proof of income for mortgages, personal loans, credit card applications, etc.

With TaxScouts it may be possible to get your self-assessment done without a P60 — assuming that you have access to your HMRC goverment gateway.

Need help with your tax return?

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How TaxScouts works

Simple online tax assessment

1. Simple online tax assessment

Our online tax-bot will go over your tax situation and will make sure you won’t overpay your taxes.

Chat to human advisors

2. Chat to human advisors

You can talk to one of our tax assistants at any time during the process when you have any questions.

We’ll sort your documents online

3. We’ll sort your documents online

We’ll tell you exactly what documents you need and sort them for you online. You just upload them or snap a picture with your phone.

Everything gets prepared for you

4. Everything gets prepared for you

Your certified accountant will go over your details & prepare your tax return for you to review. It will be filed on your behalf once you approve it.

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Who our service is for

First time tax filers

We have a simple online service that guides you through the entire process. Regardless of your reasons for doing your tax return we'll help you get it done right.

Construction workers

We'll prepare your self assessment and help to maximise your CIS tax refund. We have the lowest fees in the industry and you don't have to pay up front if you're eligible for a refund.

People living overseas

Our service allows people living abroad to prepare their income tax return online. We are able to process all returns regardless of your current country of residence.

Company directors

UK company directors are required to file their self assessment annually. TaxScouts handles this through a simple online process.


Long Lets, Airbnb, Capital Gains. TaxScouts will sort out your self assessment and take away the worry of tracking all the recent tax changes.


TaxScouts ensures the self employed don't overpay on their taxes. We'll help you benefit from all the tax breaks and deductions that can be applied to your return.

And for everyone else who needs to do their self assessment

At TaxScouts we appreciate that tax returns are highly individual. Before you get assigned an accountant we make sure to understand your circumstances and help you build your optimal tax profile.

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What happens next

  • We'll ask you a couple of short questions
  • Then we'll tell you what documents we need
  • Finally one of our qualified accountants will file your tax return