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Theatre Tax Relief

Theatre Tax Relief (TTR) is a relief that theatre production companies can claim if they produce, run and close theatre productions. It was introduced in the 2014 Finance Bill

You need three things to qualify:

  1. You must actively engage in the decision making at all stages of the production
  2. Your creative, artistic and technical contribution to the production must be “effective”
  3. You negotiate and pay for the rights, goods or services of the production

Who is eligible for Theatre Tax Relief?

To be eligible to claim TTF, you must be running a commercial production for a majority paying audience. Also, at least 25% of your core spend on the production must occur within the EEA.

What do I claim?

You claim TTR via your usual CT600 corporate tax return

You can claim whichever is lower of these two spends:

  • 80% of total core expenditure – and this must relate to the production, running and closing of the production
  • The amount of core expenditure on goods or services that are provided from the EEA

Read more about what you can claim with TTR on HMRC’s website.

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