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Looking for an online tax return accountant?

  • 3 min read
  • 11 Aug 2021
online tax return accountant

Talking to an online tax return accountant can be a great way to make sure you file your Self-Assessment tax return accurately. 

A lot of people find tax returns confusing and complicated, but with the right guidance, they can be pretty easy to get your head around.

Don’t forget!

You’re legally required to complete a Self Assessment tax return by HMRC if:

  • You’re self-employed
  • You’re a landlord
  • You claim tax relief on your pension
  • You’ve made money from an investment
  • You earn money from side jobs alongside your main employment

Why should I use an online tax return accountant?

There are many reasons to use an accounting service. The world of tax can be very daunting. And so many seek professional help when it comes to filing their Self-Assessment form. It’s pretty common to worry about completing the form wrong, or wrongly calculating the tax you owe. 

But why should you use an online tax return account, and not just a regular one? 

1. You’ll avoid unnecessary and expensive mistakes

By hiring a professional online accountant, you’ll be ensuring that your tax return is correct and done on time, meaning you won’t have to worry about any nasty fines! Did you know that HMRC can charge you for:

  • Submitting your Self Assessment late
  • Submitting your tax return incorrectly
  • Paying your tax late
  • …and interest on top!

At TaxScouts, we’ve heard plenty of horror stories of accounting firms who’ve messed up their clients’ tax returns. If you choose to use an online accounting service (like us), they’ll sort everything out for you, ensuring that your Self Assessment tax return is correct, accurate and filed on time.

2. It saves you the hassle

The thing we all hate about completing a tax return is the time, stress and hassle it causes. An online tax return accountant is a much quicker and more streamlined process to submit your Self Assessment. 

Take TaxScouts for example.

Our online service will connect you with a certified tax accountant in minutes and gets your tax return done quickly. Our process is broken down into simple questions that are easy to understand – and there’s no form after form of complicated questions!

As long as you have all your records of income and expenses to hand, we’ll get the whole process started within minutes. And because we’re an entirely online tax preparation service, you can even snap a picture and send your documents straight from your phone!

3. Plus it’ll save you money!

An online accountant combines the best of both worlds. With everything online, it cuts out any additional fees that come with traditional accounting. 

Traditional accounting firms sometimes end up charging for services that you might not even need. Hiring one can be very expensive, especially if you just need to do your tax return and nothing else.

In contrast, TaxScout’s online tax service is just £169, all in. You’ll get your very own real, human accountant. And unlike traditional accounting firms, we don’t charge hidden fees or spring extra costs onto you.

Can I not do it myself?

Of course, you can complete your tax return by yourself… but do you want to?!

Are you up for getting through all the pages and pages of HMRC online, never being quite sure what it all means? If you are – and big respect to you if so – don’t forget that you need to file by 31st January the year after the tax year you’re paying for. This is the day you’ll also pay.

If you miss this deadline, you’ll face some penalties. Look at our late tax return penalties calculator to see just how costly a mistake on your tax return could be!

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