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Simple EIS tax relief claims for Crowdcube investors

Claim your (S)EIS relief for a low fixed price.

  • Claim for EIS investments only – £25
  • Via Self Assessment – £149 £131
  • Simple, fast, all online
EIS taxscouts

EIS tax relief claims to suit you

  1. Our EIS service lets you claim relief for up to five investments for a low fixed price of £25!*
  2. Need to file a Self Assessment? With our tax return service an accountant will prepare and file it for you and claim your (S)EIS relief! Get 12% off – all for a discounted price of £131.

* You can claim directly with HMRC for free by printing, completing and sending your certificates. TaxScouts’ EIS service is a simple, online, low cost solution for Crowdcube investors to process them on your behalf.

How the EIS service works

Upload your certificates

Upload up to five (S)EIS certificates from your Crowdcube account. You’ll need to provide a few personal details, so keep your National Insurance number to hand.

Authorise your claims

TaxScouts will prepare your certificates with the information you provided. You’ll be requested to sign them online as soon as they’re ready to go!

Keep your eyes peeled for your tax refund!

Sit back and relax. TaxScouts will submit your completed claims to HMRC for you. You’ll be notified by HMRC once your claim has been processed.

Ready to claim?

Let’s go! Click the button below and choose the service that’s right for you.

How the tax return service works

Answer a few simple questions

And we mean a few. After a couple of minutes of answering questions online we’ll have everything we need to start preparing your tax return.

Get paired with a tax return accountant

That’s right, you’ll be matched with a real accredited accountant who is best suited to prepare your return. Plus, they’re on hand for questions whenever you need.

We file your Self Assessment for you

Once you’ve signed off your return, your TaxScouts accountant will submit your return with HMRC for you.

Common questions

You’re not alone. If you’ve got a question about tax we’ve probably heard it before and have an answer, or we can walk you through what to do.

More guides and FAQs

Log in to Crowdcube, go to your portfolio, and pick the investment you want to get the certificate for. Check out the link here for more information.

Unfortunately, HMRC doesn’t provide a specific timeframe. It can take up to 6 months to receive your claim.

You can opt to receive your refund through an adjustment to your PAYE code or via a payment from HMRC.

Most people in the UK don’t need to file a Self Assessment because they’re taxed through a system called PAYE and only receive their income after tax. 

But, in other situations and for a variety of reasons, you might need to file a Self Assessment tax return. 

Some instances include if:

  • You earned over £100,000 for the 22-23 tax year (increasing to 150K for the 23-24 tax year)
  • You need to pay Capital Gains Tax 
  • You’re self-employed and earned over £1,000 of untaxed income
  • You have any untaxed income over £1,000
  • HMRC tells you to submit one
  • You qualify for benefits

Yes! You can do it yourself for free by filling in the claim part of your EIS3 certificate and sending it directly to an HMRC tax office. 

There’s no limit on the number of certificates you can process via our tax return service.

If you don’t need to do a Self Assessment and have more than five certificates please contact the TaxScouts support team to discuss your situation with them.

You can process VCT claims through your Self Assessment using the TaxScouts tax return service. They can’t be processed using the dedicated (S)EIS claim service.

It usually depends on how complex your tax situation is. Our standard is two days from the point where our accountant has all the documents they need from you.

One thing to keep in mind is if this is your first Self Assessment, you’ll need to register and get a UTR number first. HMRC can take a few weeks to send it by post, so you should register early.

The documents we require depend on why you need to file a Self Assessment.

If your only reason to file one is because you’ve gone over the £100,000 earnings threshold, and your only source of income is employment (PAYE), then we only need a P60 (sometimes a P45 as well), and any P11D forms you might have received from your employer.

However, if you already have an HMRC Online Services account, we can connect to it and simply pull your information from there. And, in case you’re wondering, we’re authorised by HMRC to do this.

For any other reasons to do a Self Assessment, we have a longer list of documents here

After your personal, accredited accountant has filed your tax return, all you need to do is prepare to pay your bill or, if you’re due one, wait for your refund.

You can do this either directly on HMRC online or via your TaxScouts account, where we’ll redirect you to HMRC’s payment portal.

Ready to claim?

Let’s go! Click the button below and choose the service that’s right for you.