What is a P60 form?

A P60 is a statement that summarises your annual tax contributions from employment. This is issued and sent to you by your employer at the end of each tax year.

It must be sent out by the 31st of May each year. Most employers do it by the end of April when they run their monthly payroll.

What's in a P60

  • Your National Insurance number
  • How much you earned in a given tax year
  • How much tax has been paid
  • How much National Insurance was paid
  • Your details & your employer's
  • Your Tax Code

What does a P60 look like

There is no standard format for a P60 (each may look a bit different) but the minimum information what must be on it is always the same.


Information that is on your P60 is provided by your employer to HMRC. Based on this HMRC makes their tax calculations. You should keep your P60 for your tax records.

What is a P60 needed for

  • To prepare your annual self asessment
  • For your tax records & tax disputes
  • Sometimes when dealing with banks (mortgages, loans)

With TaxScouts it may be possible to get your self-assessment done without a P60. Assuming that you have access to your HMRC goverment gateway.

Let your taxes do themselves with TaxScouts

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1. Simple online preparation

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Why use TaxScouts


  • Simple online preparation
  • Online document sorting
  • Deals with Tax Audits
  • Dedicated accountant
compared to

High street accountant

  • No online preparation
  • No online document sorting
  • Deals with Tax Audits
  • Dedicated accountant
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Simple online tool for your self assessment tax returns
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