How to add your UTR number to your TaxScouts profile

In order to be able to file your tax return, your assigned accountant will need your personal details:

  • address
  • telephone number
  • self-employment details
  • National Insurance number
  • UTR number.

How do I provide these details?

Step 1

  • log into your TaxScouts account
  • click on your name on the top right-hand side
  • select “profile” from the drop-down menu.

Step 2

Here you can complete as much of your profile as possible.

Once you’ve added your details you can safely log out.

TaxScouts will automatically save your details.

Still need help?

If you need help with any aspect of adding personal details to your profile, please login to your TaxScouts account and click on the blue “Help/Chat” icon found on the bottom right side of your account.

Our support team will be happy to help.

Let's start by creating your account

What happens next

  • We'll ask you a couple of short questions
  • Then we'll tell you what documents we need
  • Finally one of our qualified accountants will file your tax return