What was the Government Gateway and how do I login now?

What was the Government Gateway?

The Government Gateway was the system used to sign up for the UK government’s online services.

Most people used it to log in to HMRC and file their personal tax return.

It was shut down in March 2019.

So how do I login to HMRC now?

If you need to check your tax credits, submit a Self Assessment tax return, or view your personal tax account, simply log in to HMRC’s replacement system, HMRC Online Services.

Can I still use my old Government Gateway user ID and password?

Yes – but only for HMRC Online Services.

What if I forgot my Government Gateway login details?

If you don’t remember your login, here is how you can find your Government Gateway user ID.

You can also reset your old user ID and password.

We don’t know for how long that option will be available, though.

Instead, we recommend you sign up for the HMRC Online Services or sign up for GOV.UK Verify.

How about other services that used to use the Government Gateway?

It all depends on which service you need: DVLA, Department of Agriculture, etc.

Here is the official full list of alternatives.

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