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Our accountants are experts in filing property tax returns.

We sort your taxes quickly, easily, and entirely online.

  • Certified accountants
  • Deals with tax audits
  • 24 h turnaround
Simple and easy service to get self assessment done online

Lowest fee

Up to £200 less than competitors because our software frees up our accountants to focus on you rather than admin.

Quick and online

Simply fill in your income details in our web app and upload your documents. Our support team is there to answer any questions.

Property tax specialists

Our team of qualified accountants will prepare everything for you and also identify tax reliefs and claimable expenses.

Guides and useful information

See the taxes you need to pay

As a landlord you are liable for a number of taxes, the most important being the Rental Income Tax, National Insurance Contributions, and Capital Gains Tax. Here is a complete list of property taxes

Calculate your property taxes

Use our capital gains tax calculator to see how much tax you must pay when you sell your property, or our rental income tax calculator if you’re renting out.

Mortgage interest changes

Read our guide on the new rules on the mortgage interest tax relief and see how they will impact you. You might need to pay more tax on your buy-to-let investment soon.

Let your taxes do themselves

Online self assessment preparation assisted by professional accountants

1. Simple online tax assessment

Our friendly taxbot helps you understand your personal income tax situation and suggests ways to reduce your tax bill.

2.We’ll do the sorting

Based on your tax profile we'll tell you exactly what documents & info is needed to get your taxes done.

3.Prepared by human experts

We'll match you with a certified accountant who will prepare your tax return and optimise your tax bill.

Why use TaxScouts

Our prices are the most competitive in the industry and we charge a fixed fee regardless of the type of tax return that needs to be prepared.


  • Simple online preparation
  • Online document sorting
  • Deals with Tax Audits
  • Dedicated accountant
compared to

High street accountant

  • No online preparation
  • No online document sorting
  • Deals with Tax Audits
  • Dedicated accountant
"Thank you"
Thank you very much TaxScouts for making my life easier and not emptying my pocket!
"Smooth and easy process"
Smooth and easy process. Will use every year! Very helpful staff as well!
Oliver James Windle
"Very fast"
Very fast and gave good advice I will be using every year
Wayne L
Simple online tool for your self assessment tax returns
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