CIS Tax Rebates

Fast, simple and online

1/3 construction workers including painters, plumbers, and builders overpay their tax. On average they are due a £2000 refund.

Simple and easy service to get self assessment done online

24 h turnaround

We guarantee an accurate refund calculation in 24 hours.

AAT certified

All work done by certified specialists. If HMRC ever comes knocking – we'll deal with it for you.

£200 higher refund

Being online service we cost up to £200 less than competitors. This means more money for you.

Quickly estimate your CIS refund

Why use TaxScouts

Our prices are the most competitive in the industry and we charge a fixed fee regardless of the type of tax return that needs to be prepared.


  • Simple online preparation
  • Online document sorting
  • Deals with Tax Audits
  • Dedicated accountant
compared to

High street accountant

  • No online preparation
  • No online document sorting
  • Deals with Tax Audits
  • Dedicated accountant
Brilliant service
Surprised by how easy the process was. Additionally it's saved me money, so all round a win.
Jo B
Superb app, team & accountant
They sorted everything for me. A pleasure to do taxes this way!
Henrik B
Very fast…
Very fast and gave good advice I will be using every year
Wayne L
Simple online tool for your self assessment tax returns
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