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Have your self assessment done for you by certified accountants for £119.

  • Certified accountants
  • Deals with tax audits
  • 100% online
Simple and easy service to get self assessment done online

Save money

For £119 you'll have a personal certified accountant to have your tax return prepared. We'll ensure you will not overpay your taxes.

Save time

We'll handle everything online. Including identifying your tax reliefs and telling what documents you need.

Certified accountants

Our certified accountants will help you through the entire process and prepare everything for you.

Guides and useful information

Registering for self-employment

As a contractor working in security you're responsible for managing your tax affairs. This means you need to register for self-employment with HMRC Here is a step-by-step guide how to do it.

How to get my UTR number

UTR (Unique Taxpayer Reference) is issued to you by HMRC. UTR is issued as part of registering for self-employment process. The easiest way to get it is online. Read more

What are the tax filing deadlines

The UK tax year for individuals starts and ends in April. After that you'll have up to 10 months to prepare your tax return. Final deadline for filing and payment is 31st of January. Read more

Let your taxes do themselves

Online self assessment preparation assisted by professional accountants

1. Simple online tax assessment

Our friendly taxbot helps you understand your personal income tax situation and suggests ways to reduce your tax bill.

2.We’ll do the sorting

Based on your tax profile we'll tell you exactly what documents & info is needed to get your taxes done.

3.Prepared by human experts

We'll match you with a certified accountant who will prepare your tax return and optimise your tax bill.

Why use TaxScouts

Our prices are the most competitive in the industry and we charge a fixed fee regardless of the type of tax return that needs to be prepared.


  • Simple online preparation
  • Online document sorting
  • Deals with Tax Audits
  • Dedicated accountant
compared to

High street accountant

  • No online preparation
  • No online document sorting
  • Deals with Tax Audits
  • Dedicated accountant
"A quick and reliable service"
My self assessment tax return completed within 2-3 days. I'll definitely be using TaxScouts again and recommend to family and friends.
"Mad not to use it"
Took all of the hassle out of doing a tax return. You would be mad not too use this service.
"I was very sceptical hitting the pay…"
…but my accountant did absolutely everything and took all of the hassle out of doing a tax return.
Wesley Thompson
Simple online tool for your self assessment tax returns
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