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Did someone say taxcrastination?

  • 2 min read
  • 1 Dec 2020
Did someone say taxcrastination?

No, no one did. As fictitious words go, it’s not our slickest.

In fact, it probably takes longer to say it than it does to understand what’s meant by it. But perhaps that makes it perfect for an article about procrastination? 

Either way, we digress.

What is taxscrastination? 

It’s our natural instinct to put off doing our taxes by doing quite literally anything else. Doing your tax return is a bore, it’s complicated, it’s stressful. And it’s absolutely not something that you want to prioritise. But at TaxScouts, it’s quite a different story.

We can get you sorted quickly – within days in fact. It’s all online and it’s only £149. No hidden fees, no jargon, just pure, unadulterated tax-topia. But again, we digress. You’re here to read about taxcrastination – so here we have it. 

Did you know that 50% of our TaxScouts users did their 2018/19 tax return with not even a month to spare in January 2020? And up to 40% of even our returning users left it until the 11th hour. 

Talk about living on the edge. But why? The three most common reasons are fear of the tax return process, not having any money to pay the prospective bill, and being a serial procrastinator.

Can you relate?

Here are eight examples of things you might do to put off doing your tax return.

1. Clean the house from top to bottom

2. Contact estranged friends

3. Take the bins out

4. Organise your books alphabetically

5. …and then change your mind and go for colour order instead

6. Rearrange your bedroom

7. Mow the lawn

8. Research the history of paying taxes on Wikipedia

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